Re: Can I assume ROSENBLUMs buried in Brisker cemetery section came from Brest?

Renee Steinig

Hi Judy,

I saw on your tree on Ancestry that Jacob died in Nov. 1944. Indeed, that date falls within one of the periods for which New Jersey deaths are not indexed on Ancestry and FamilySearch, but the death record should be available. If you happen to live within range of Trenton, NJ, the best way to get it is to visit the NJ State Archives ( -- once it reopens, that is; or find someone to search there for you. (The Archives doesn't respond to mail requests for that time period.) Alternatively, you should be able to order the record from the NJ Dept. of Health ( 

As Karen Schneider mentioned, a photograph of Jacob's grave might also be helpful. It may show Jacob's father's name, as part of his Hebrew name. It could also be interesting to know the Jewish name of your grandmother's brothers. Perhaps one was named for Jacob's father. (Per Annie Pistchal's death record on FamilySearch, her father was something like Churna. If Annie was indeed Jacob's sister, perhaps his son Charles was named for "Churna.")  Annie P.'s grave at Mount Judah Cemetery is pictured on JewishData; unfortunately, it has no Hebrew inscriptions.

As for the society on whose grounds Jacob and Anna are buried... It's the Brisker Unterstuetzungs Verein. A list of that landsmanshaft's members -- including your great-grandparents! -- is at . The society was formed by immigrants from what's now Brest, Belarus: .


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...> wrote:

I am having a terrible time finding out where my great grandparents Jacob Rosenblum and Anna Friedman come from.  Their names are just too common - I find multiple people with those names and around their birth dates on ship logs, in JewishGen data bases, etc.  And in censuses, marriage certificates, etc. they just say they're from "Russia." 

According to findagrave, they are both buried in the "Brisker plot" of Mount Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens.  (I know that Brisker is another name for the town of Brest, now in Belarus.)  Does this mean that at least one of them comes from the Brest area?

For those interested, some more details about my quest:

Jacob's sister is Annie Rosenblum (living with him in 1900 census) and she is equally difficult to track - I have found an Anna Rosenbloom of the right age married to a man Israel Pistchalsky/Pistchalsk/Pistchal from Kubrin, which is about 29 miles from Brest...  And her mother's given name on her death certificate is the given name (Jennie) of my grandmother (Annie's niece) so I'm tempted to declare that she is the right Anna Rosenblum, sister of Jacob, and that would be another connection to the Brest area, but I would like more evidence.

I can't find a marriage certificate for Jacob Rosenblum and Anna Friedman, and he died in NJ during the period when NJ death certificates are not available so I can't get his parents' names.

Anna Friedman's parents from her death certificate are Solomon Friedman and Sarah Cohen - again, way too common to help much with research...

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