Re: Can I assume ROSENBLUMs buried in Brisker cemetery section came from Brest?

Lin Mor

Unless you have proof in some other way to verify your theory, it is still a theory. But keep in mind that if it is not them, there is probably some connection. Case in point are my paternal grandparents. He was from Oshmyany and she was from Shchuchyn, both now in Belarus. Yet, they are buried in the Skidler Benevolent Association section of Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY. From research over time, including questioning very elderly relatives a long time ago, I learned that my grandmother's cousin, Elsie was married to Isodore Radin who came from Skidler. To make a long story short, my grandparents purchased two plots and are buried next to the Radins as well as Elsie's daughter, Frances Handsman and her husband.   

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