Children named after their living parents #general

charles goldenzon

This 1830 Ozarow marriage record,detail,104490,14, found in Genbaza, is of Rubin Goldblum and Matla Goldsztajn. I have strong reasons to believe that this 1835,detail,104482,2 and this 1838,detail,104495,9 Ozarow birth records, found in Genbaza, relate to the same couple, despite one being Goldblum and the other Goldsztajn. 

But what puzzles me is the fact that in the former, the newborn is named after his LIVING father Rubin, whereas in the latter, the newborn is named after her LIVING mother Matla. Neither of the above records indicates that Rubin Sr. or Matla Sr. had an ancestor with those names. 

Is there a particular context for Rubin and Matla to have named their children after themselves?


Charles Goldenzon
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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