tracing relatives that moved to Israel in 1960 #romania

John Hoenig

I’m delighted to say I recently learned my great grandfather’s brother Moses Honig had two children who survived the Holocaust and moved to Israel around 1960. They were originally from the area of Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvar), Transylvania, Romania. I would now dearly love to locate their descendants (if there are any).


My relatives were David Honig and Mali Honig. I found David’s grave. It says David Hoenig was the son of Moshe and Tilah; he died on July 13, 1973 and is buried in Haifa.


I’m not very familiar with research techniques for Israel. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about how I can learn more.


Many thanks.


John Hoenig

Williamsburg, VA



Aranyosgyeres, Turda, Koloszvar (Cluj-Napoca), Stanislawow, Radautz, Brzezany, Budapest


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