Searching for PHILIPS family possibly from Suvalk (Suwalki) Area

Susan Beecher <s_beecher@...>

For a friend, I am searching for her grandmother's maternal ancestors who came to New York City in the late 1800s. Abraham Philips, born about 1844, married to Diana Solons (Solonosky?) and immigrated to the US in 1910.  Their daughter, Fannie Phillps (born 1864 in Russia - 1932) was married (?) to "Zelki" (this is from a memory) Sackheim (? see my note below about his daughter) who died in Russia. They had a daughter, Lena (born 4/24/1888).  Fannie then married Bernard Kurland (1867 -1954)  in Russia and they immigrated to the US in 1892, leaving Lena behind. Fannie and Bernard are listed as Feige and Beril Kurland in the ship's manifest coming to the US.
Lena came to the US in 1903 per the 1910 US Census where she is living with Morris and Sarah Philips and she is described as a niece. (Lena is my friend's grandmother and she knew that she lived with Morris and Sarah Philips when she arrived in the US. My friend had not known that this was her grandmother's maiden name until I found this in the Census. However, I am unable to find anyone with that name coming to the US in 1903. I am wondering if that is not the correct name or if it was spelled very differently previously. I am unable to find the connection between Morris Philips and Fannie Philips. Morris had a brother, Irving Philips who said on his naturalization petition that he was born in Suvalk, Russia.  So to get to the point, I would very much like to find the Philips family in Russia/Poland.  I have searched diligently in Ancestry and in JewishGen with no luck.  I am wondering if Philips is an Americanization of the family's real name. Thanks for any help or advice.
Susan Beecher

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