Re: Records from the State Archive of Nikolayev Oblast #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa


You will find an extensive catalog for Nikolayev on LDS at this url
you will need to be registered to access this - registration is free

There are very few records otherwise available online
there are two files on the Alex Krakovsky wiki
Kherson County Ed. ed. code ]
The auditory fairy tale of the Jews of the city of Nikolaev. 1811  // HOME . F. 280. Op. 1. Ref. 9.
Auditory Tale of 25 Jewish Families of Kherson County Attached to the Towns of Mykolaiv. 1824  // HOME. F. 280. Op. 1. Ref. 21.
Auditory tale of the Jewish colony of Romanivka Kherson district. 1858 .
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