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A. E. Jordan

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I found it odd that the NYC voter lists includes children. I.e., those not old enough to vote.

Initially, I thought I was seeing people with the same name as my relatives but I've seen too many for this to be true.

I have not seen that in the voter's lists.  Not sure which one you are looking at, there is a larger collection on microfilm at the NY Public Library which I used to chase down some family in NY City from the 1890s into the 1910s.  The printed originals also exist but are much more challenging to access.
On the ones I looked at it was only registered voters.  I used it to try and chase down a family member's naturalization and he was never listed in the voter's lists which lead me to the conclusion he was not registered.  I saw his adult son living at the same address listed but not his minor children.
Allan Jordan

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