New Subcarpathia Vital Records! #subcarpathia

Lara Diamond

JewishGen is pleased to announce that nearly 19,000 new records have
been added to our Sub-Carpathia Vital Records collection. You can
search these records by visiting and select "Hungary/Slovakia"
as the region. The new records include:

13264 births
1557 marriages
3882 deaths

You can access JewishGen’s Hungary Database by clicking here:

To learn more about these records, please click here:

The addition of these records was made possible by the hard work of
many volunteers who translated, transcribed, and validated the
records. We greatly appreciate their dedication.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Are you at home, self-isolating? This is a great
time to help us by indexing records, so that we'll be able to get
another batch uploaded in the future. So long as you can read cursive
English, you will be able to read these records. I will send you
instructions and a sample book to get you started.

We can also use your financial help, which will go towards paying
local researchers for their time in photographing additional records.
You can donate to our project here:
and selecting the Sub-Carpathia SIG General Fund. Your donation is
tax deductible, if you are a US citizen.

Answers to some questions that come up after I send these sorts of
Q: Do you have records for my specific town? When do you expect to
get those records?
A: Unfortunately I cannot address each specific town/village. We plan
to get records for all towns in Subcarpathia. Even during the best of
times, it's difficult to predict what towns' records I'll be getting
when. Currently, Ukraine's archives are closed due to COVID-19, so I
definitely can't predict anything. However, you can assist in
indexing records we already have images for. And even if we don't
have records for your specific town just yet, you likely had relatives
who lived in towns across the region. I personally have indexed
records from towns for which I had no known family connection, only to
be surprised (and delighted) to find cousins.

Q: Can you send me digital images for a record that I found indexed on
A: At this time, we cannot do that. We hope to be able to work
someone out with the archives to be able to do that in the future.

Lara Diamond
Director of Subcarpathia Research

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