Re: מחפש אחר קשר משפחת ב שוייץ #israel

Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan

Because the language here is english, I (Google-)translated this message into English. Country of search: #Switzerland

My name is Sephi Vail.

My grandfather's brother, killed in the War of Independence, while putting in a car bomb for the National Institutions building, named Isaac WEIL. 

We were surprised to find that on that day in the north of the country, a man named Gerhard Weil, who came from Switzerland, was killed, thought he was not Jewish, and volunteered to fight with the Jewish people in order for the Jewish people to gain an independent state. At first, he was suspected of being a spy, but then the Palmach received him for service, and two weeks later he was killed while dismantling a mine near Yesha Fortress at a power junction.

His mother was notified, saying, "Too bad I didn't tell him he was Jewish."

He was buried in Tel Aviv in Nahalat Yitzhak

It is immortalized in a memorial on the ravine gate. (The only one from Switzerland)

The story really moved us and the fact that two people named Gale were killed that day made us feel close to him and wonder, does he have any relatives who are alive?

Can you help us find them?

Thanks to Sephi Vail


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