Re: Should maiden names be in CAPITALS? #general #JewishGenUpdates

Dick Plotz

The traditional rule for JewishGen mailing lists has been that
surnames being searched should be in all caps, and ***nothing else***
should be in all caps. This has been the norm for over 20 years,
enforced more on some lists than others, but always the stated norm.

The reason is that when the volume of posts is high, it takes a long
time to read them all in their entirety, and having surnames in all
caps makes it much easier for busy readers to notice family names of
interest to them. This is a useful convention, as useful now as it was
in the 1990s when it was instituted.

Jonathan Jacobs's objection is mainly that people use all caps for a
variety of reasons. This is true in general. But if everyone adhered
to longstanding practice on JewishGen there would be no confusion at
all: all caps ***means*** a surname the poster is searching. It can't
be a place name, or for emphasis, or anything else.

I encourage everyone posting to the list to follow this
rule: put family names you are searching in all caps, and everything
else in conventional upper- and lower-case.

Dick Plotz
Manager of Mailing Lists for JewishGen's outgoing Lyris platform

On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 9:23 AM Jonathan Jacobs
<jonathan.jacobs@...> wrote:

You mean, should the maiden name be in all caps? There is no hard and fast rule on that. Personal preference. But, if you are putting it up for a vote...NO. No names should be in all caps. People use it for a variety of reasons. Hard to keep straight. One cousin does the "all caps" for this reason. Another cousin does it for that reason and when the hints start going back and forth...good luck in keeping it straight.

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