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Elizabeth Jackson

Hello everyone!

I am seeking a  Russian (script) to English translation of the attached document.  It is a marriage record for one of my Great Aunts.  I do not recognize the name Gitla, so I am not sure who this is.  It could be another name for one of the Aunts I am familiar with or it could be another sister I am not aware of.  I recognize the parental information as being my maternal great grandparents.  

I would love a complete translation, but in particular am interested in knowing:  complete names anywhere listed in document; any addresses which might be indicated; any other information which you think might be useful in a genealogical sense.

Thank you in advance for your help.  This is new information just uploaded by JRI-PL, to whom I am so very thankful.  It has been extremely difficult to trace beyond my grandparents.  Indeed, I have yet to find any records in Warsaw for my Grandfather, Hirsch Wolf Ingberg, who was born in Warsaw ca. 1870.  The attached record is for a sister to my Grandmother, Sosse Charlotte Klepfisz.  All perished in the Holocaust.

You may contact me here or at my email:  cattheater@...

So grateful for this wonderful community!

Elizabeth Jackson

KLEPFISZ  Gitla  1890  98   

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