#germany - Transcription of two hand written documents from Augsburg Germany #germany

Richard Oppenheimer

Hello Jewish Gen members and GerSIG friends,

My father was born in Schrobenhausen, near Augsburg in Bavaria Germany on April 19, 1915 He was illegitimately born to Maria Kraus (Catholic) and David Oppenheimer (Jewish). My father's birth register from Schrobenhausen doesn't list a father. Yet one month later, my grandfather appeared before the Court, and acknowledged he was the father. This is annotated on the Birth Register, in the margins (of which I have a copy). My grandparents married three years later in 1918 and the Marriage Register obtained from Augsburg states that the Marriage also legitimized my father. My grandparents had a second son, my uncle, born in October 1919. Both my father and my uncle became Bar Mitzvah in the Augsburg Synagogue. Both ceremonies were announced in the Bavarian Jewish Newspaper. My father and uncle immigrated to New York in 1940. Both grandparents were killed, one in Sachsenhausen and the other in Auschwitz. I have searched for many years for proof that my father was Jewish. Only yesterday, after 10 years, I found out that the Standesamt  in Augsburg kept records since 1919 of those exiting from the Roman Catholic Church.
I received these two documents (attached)  dated 15 November 1919 but I can only read portions of it. One pertains to my grandmother leaving the Church, and the second is for my father, Max Oppenheimer who was age 4 at the time, so my grandfather signed for him.
I would appreciate receiving a transcription into German of these two documents. I am able to translate into English.

Thanks for your help,
Richard Oppenheimer

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