San Francisco Death Certificate General Question #germany #usa


I have a question related to the death of my paternal uncle, who was Kurt Ohnhaus from Germany, and who was in the Philippines with my parents from the late 1930's to 1947. (My parents left the Philippines in late 1948.)
We know from a passenger list that he left the Philippines in December 1947, and that he arrived in San Francisco in January 1948.  We also know from other written documents that he died in San Francisco on 11/20/1948.
I ordered his death certificate from San Francisco City records, and they in turn checked State records.  I received a letter in return that there are no public records on file either at the City or at the State level.
Does anyone have any thoughts as to why there would be no death record?  Could it be due to lack of his funds at the time?  I cannot find any grave record either.
Thank you,
Miriam Perlson-Cohn
San Mateo, CA

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