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Bruce Drake

One theme I’ve seen across many Yizkor book excerpts is how crucial children were to the survival of their families and towns as they tried to survive under the boot of the Nazis whether in towns or ghettos. “About the Heroic Role of the Jewish Children During Nazi Rule” from the Yizkor book of Tarnow, Poland puts a spotlight on this story and how important the children were in getting food to people and helping in many other ways. They would stand on endless lines for food and endanger themselves by sneaking post German guards in order to smuggle bread, flour and potatoes. “The intrepid Jewish children filled an original, rebellious, function with a rare heroism,” recounts the writer of this chapter.

But these “small children from five to eight years old, with small emaciated little bodies” paid a price like all Jews. They were beaten when caught, and the first victims during the Nazis’ murder aktsias and deportations were the Jewish children.




Bruce Drake

Silver Spring, MD



Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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