Seeking FEUERLICHT - to USA late 1800s #austria-czech #hungary

Alex Magocsi

In the late 1800s, Herman FEUERLICHT emigrated to the USA with his family and settled in Manhattan, NYC.
As a point of reference, per the 1869 Hungarian / Slovak census, Herman & family were residing in Lapispatak, now Ploské, Saros County.

I am trying to locate a descendant of this family to see if there is a family relationship to Hanna FEUERLICHT / FEIERLIKT.

I am writing to the list in the hope that Ira FEUERLICHT, son of Herbert & Roberta (STRAUS) FEUERLICHT is a member of this community AND will respond.
He reportedly resides in Manhattan and is the great-grandson of Herman.


MAGOCSI (Gyula-Jovancza, Gyulaj, Tolna)
Grosz (Nyirbator)
Greif (Prešov District, Austria Hungary,Slovakia)

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