Re: Would a boy and a girl in the same family ever both be given essentially the same names? #ukraine #names


We are being told that some humor would not go amiss during these trying times.

This discussion (plus the recent topic of naming children after living relatives) reminds me of this tale:

A man runs to his rebbe, distraught, because he and his wife are having a bitter argument about which grandfather's name their new baby should receive.

The rebbe asks the man to bring his wife.  He then asks the man, "What was your father's name?"   "It was Moshe Yitzchok."

He turns to the wife, "And what was your father's name?"  "It was Moshe Yitzchok".

The rebbe, astounded, asks, "Then what is the problem?"

To which the wife replies, "My father was a rabbi, and his was a horse thief".

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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