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Karen <kgschneider@...>

Hi Stuart,

In case you are still searching for records of your grandfather Samuel Stein, I ran across a headstone on from Waldheim Cemetery, Chicago, that seems like it could be him.
Am attaching that image along with an obituary and links to more cemetery records from for Samuel, wife Rose and two of their daughters.
Most provide information about other family members as well as a mention of Samuel's father, Chaim Lev Zvi Stein.

It also appears there are records available on including naturalization and census. 
Feel free to email me if this is indeed your grandfather and you would like more information and do not have access to that site.
Also if any of the attached links do not work.

Karen Gregar Schneider

Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA


Gregar/Groger: Hoorepnik, Czechia and Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York, USA

Popper: Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York, USA


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