Brief Translation Request from German #hungary #germany

Jerry Zeisler

A cousin of mine wrote the following on his ITS card after the war. Google does a terrible job of translating it, so would someone please translate this for me? 

Vor etwa zwei Monaten ereignete sich im Stadtwäldchen ein Renfonter zwischen dem Parkettänzer Grasen Henri Viglia und dem Reservoeoberteutnant Ladislaus Vècsey, das mit zwei nicht unerheblichen Verwundungen Viglias endete.

Google translates it as "About two months ago, a reindeer fronter between the parquet dancer Grasen Henri Viglia and the reserve senior lieutenant Ladislaus Vècsey occurred in the city grove, which ended with two not inconsiderable injuries to Viglia." The problem are the words "reindeer fronter" and parquet dancer" which make no sense. And is "city grove" correct? 

Thank you!


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