Re: Research family Friedlander in Stryi #galicia

Mark Halpern

Dear JP:

Last week, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland announced the addition to
its online database of 1858-1871 Stryj birth indices >from records at the
Przemysl Archive. JRI-Poland also has online indices >from the AGAD
Archive of Stryj 1870-72, 1875-1903 births, 1877~1903 marriages, and
1869-1903 deaths. The 1858-1871 Stryj birth indices show that
Abraham and Ciwie FRIEDLANDER had 6 children between 1859 and
1871 including Taube Lea in 1869. The 1874 birth records apparently
have not survived.

In addition to the above records, AGAD Archive holds 1903~13 births,
1906-13 marriages, and 1906-12 deaths, which JRI-Poland plans to
index. Also, earlier Stryj records >from 1846 through 1876 can be found
on LDS microfilms 2405339 and 2405430.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

Van Prooyen Keyzer <nejpvpk@...> wrote:

... Max Meyer Nebenzahl (my grandfather) was married to Taube Lea
(Toni) Friedlander. She was born 09/09/1869 in Stryi and had a address
in Wien III, Lowengasse 35

Her father was Abraham Friedlander and her mother Ciwje. (In Italy,
they spoke about Abramo and Cecilia.)

Taube Lea Friedlander had a sister: Rifka Friedlander was born on
10/08/1874 in Stryi and has the same address in Wien III, Lowengasse 35.

Can you help me to find the extract of birth in the city of Stryi in Galicia

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