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Gary Pokrassa

Ostrog is in Volyn Province
Alex Krakovsky has additional Revision Lists for Volyn province for 1881-1883 which includes a detail town listing showing Ostrog starting on pages 69 and 145.  This is a huge file at 1.25GB.  The url for this is:ДАЖО_118-14-0093._1883_год._Дополнительные_ревизские_сказки_Волынской_губернии.pdf

there are also additional list for these years at:ДАЖО_118-14-0093._1883_год._Дополнительные_ревизские_сказки_Волынской_губернии.pdf

There are indeed RLs for Voln province for 1862-1863 but unfortunately no town detail:год._Добавочная_ревизская_сказка_мещан_евреев_Кременецкого_уезда_Волынской_губернии.pdf
and at:

Unfortunately these have not been translated so this is the best I can d for you...

Gary Pokrassa 
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