Re: Surnames separated by a small r #galicia

Mark Halpern

Recently Avrami Groll told us that all JewishGen Discussion Group and SIG group messages have been archives in this new system. I went to and searched for "recte." The "r" in your surname stands for recte. f stand for false. v stands for vel. You can also search for "false" and "vel." This has been discussed over the years relating to Galician record. 

Mark Halpern


On 2020-03-30 12:17 pm, Dorcey Rose wrote:

I am curious about surnames in the Galicia archives from Zablotow area, for example, Reischer r Kessler. What does the little r stand for? Could it be Reischer son of Kessler? I have seen this quite a bit in archives from the area. Thanks so much. Dorcey
Dorcey Rose
Florida US

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