Re: What became of the Suwalki-Lomza group run by Marilyn? #lithuania

Lillian Faffer

Landsmen was a privately issued journal covering the Suwalki/Lomza areas of Poland,owned by Marlene Silverman,the editor of the publication. None of the material published in these journals can be published or put on line without the written consent of Marlene Silverman.
Lillian Faffer-NYC
Re: What became of the Suwalki-Lomza group run by Marilyn? #lithuania
From: larrykanner@...
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 17:07:29 EDT
I have some info from the Landsman Journals in my tree and am trying to use my gedcom file (with Landsman references in the birth place name) to put data on other sites.  I put one file on the Jews of Grajewo facebook page.  I hope someone will at least scan the Landsman articles and family histories on to the net.

Grajewo, Rajgrod, Szczuczyn, Stawiski, Jedwabne, Ostrow Maz, Augustow, Bakalarzewo, Bialystok, Ciechanowiec, Filipow, Grodno, Kalwarija, Kolno, Krasnopol, Lomza, Lozdzieje, Mariampol, Nowogrod, Przasnysz, Przerosl, Raczki, Radzilow, Sejny, Sniadowo, Suwalki, Tykocin, Wasosz, Wiejsieje, Wierzbelow, Wilkomir, Wilkowski, Wizajny, Wizna, Wladyslawa, Zambrow


Kovno, Lithuania or Latvia

Larry Kanner  Salem, Oregon

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