Re: Translation Request - German #germany #hungary

Reuven Mohr

google or any translation program can only work on a regular text. What you have here as a basis is obviously already of a (human less probable) technic translitteration, which created a text with non existant German words.
Grasen Henri Viglia should probably read Grafen=earl, count of whatever noble man;
In additon there are the customs of each language: In German you can use comparative like 'a larger comany' without comparison to anything. It means just a not so small number, maybe 10-20 I would guess, who ate together, among them Lazics, at the Renaissance restaurant.
'Renaissance' is the name of the restaurant=Etablissement=a French word in German for different enterprises.
The rules for a duel prescribe that you have tow honorable assitants. Viglia named to black men, which in his opponents eyes looked like a disgrace, and were turned away by the assistants of Lazics.
When the company wanted to leave the place, they were hold up by Viglia and his two black men. Lazics and and his friend Vecsey were hurt physically and Vecsey used his revolver hand shot Viglia twice in chest and hand. He needed three weeks of treatment. The court decided that Vecsey shot in self defence and closed the file against Vecsey.

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