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If you go to the Jewishgen Memorial Plaque Data Base and enter the given name (Sounds like) Nellie you will get a list of Nellies, many with Hebrew/Yiddish names. The most common is Nechama/Necha/Neche.  There are quite a few more, not surprisingly, varied.

David Rosen
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On 3/30/2020 9:31 PM, Gayle Schlissel Riley via Groups.Jewishgen.Org wrote:
OK What name in Russia or Jewish name..would the American name of NELLIE Be? I have dyslexia. I just can not figure out what name on the passenger list would be for her American of NELLIE.
This family came in 1905 to Mt Forest or Durham, Ontario, Canada.
There were four traveling together.. The grandma Bayla Cohen Levine age 70 plus. Ann was 13 yrs Sam 12 yrs and Nellie 9yrs.
There Father Jacob Levine owned a clothing store.
Please forgive my ill stated need for help.  Gayle

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