Re: Ostrog Revision List and More #ukraine

Ronald D. Doctor

Hi Rachelle,

You asked about the Ostrog Revision Lists. The Kremenets District Research Group has translated the 1816 Ostrog Revision List. Our Concordance (a master name and place index) on our Kehilalinks website contains more than 11,600 entries for this revision list and other records concerning Ostrog. You can search the index at no charge by pointing your browser to:

These Ostrog entries are derived from the documents we have translated since about the year 2002. After translation, names and places are entered into the Concordance along with information identifying the document and location in the document where the name and/or location are found. Our Concordance currently has about 400,000 entries for people who lived in the towns of the Kremenets district of Ukraine, as well as people who lived outside of the district in towns mentioned in the records. Some of the entries in the Source and Location in Source columns of the Concordance are rather cryptic. To understand them, please be sure to read the Introduction and Guide document. A link to it is at:

And, of course, if you need any help, just contact me.

Good luck with your searching. Let me know how your search comes out.


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