Sarah Eisen Resnick 1894- ? #israel

Linda Kelley

Seeking information about my great uncle's wife, Sarah Eisen Resnick, who moved to Haifa, Israel in 1951, and was in the Pioneer Women organization, Mo'ezet ha-Po'alot or מועצת הפועלות.
Sarah's father was Isadore Eisen, and her mother was Liza Schwartz, per the marriage license. [Eisen might have been Isenberg. When Hyman came to the USA, he claimed to be on his way to a cousin named Benjamin Isenberg in Chicago.] Sarah was b. in Kovno, Lithuania in 1893, and arrived in the USA 1910. Sarah might have lived and worked in Detroit around 1921, possibly with/for Eisen relatives. Sarah married Hyman Resnick in Detroit 20 November, 1921. Hyman [1883-1950], was the son of Itzik/Isadore Reznik/Resnick and Pesche/Paulina Olshwang/Allswang. Hyman and Sarah lived in Chicago. They had two children who died young, Isadore and Pearl/Paulina/Penina. Isadore died in 1924, and Penina died in 1945. Hyman and Sarah were avid Zionists. Hyman volunteered to fight with the British Army in Palestine during WWI. After Hyman's death, Sarah became naturalized, [obtained a passport?], and moved to Haifa. Does anyone have old membership information for Mo'ezet ha-Po'alot or מועצת הפועלות, or know if members were buried in a specific section of a cemetery in Haifa?
Thank you very much,
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

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