Need help seeking Yitchuk and Yomtov GUTTMAN from Lubny & Katerinslav #ukraine

Gayle Schlissel Riley

WWII time my Shapiro's lost track of their family. The town was Lubny.
One brother stayed in Lubny and the other went to Katerinslav. One brother was Yitchuk and the other Yomtov Guttman.
What would you do to try to find out what happened?
I tried the holocaust museum. I wrote to the town(I got a lovely letter back) The museum had no records and they suggest I write to a man. BUT got no answer.
One son was in the army..Would there be records somewhere? Where do I write?
I am out of ideas?  I hope you understand what I am asking? HELP and Thanks Gayle

Gayle Schlissel Riley <keys2pst@...>

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