Re: Selecting, scanning, identifying and desicarding old paper photographs #general

Victoria Fisch

Jeremy Frankel and I find that it's more efficient to take digital photographs of documents and old photos. You will wind up with a higher resolution file, and you can line up all your documents / photos in good light and get to work. You need a steady hand, but we like the results better than scanning and it's simpler. We do this all the time when we are conserving records for clients.

You can also use DropBox to share photos with family, and to store large sized photo files in the cloud. For our clients we simply store the images in a file folder with a person's name, and file that within another folder for that particular clan surname. Then the computer lines up everything alphabetically. This way it is easy to identify and retrieve photos you might want to use in family narratives.

Best regards from hunkered down northern California.
Victoria Fisch

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