Translation Request Please, MOLDOVAN #bessarabia #romania #ukraine

Nomi Waksberg

Hope this finds you all well.
I accidentally came across a legal document which includes a family name. Hopefully a translation will provide a clue or direction
as to what may have happened to him. It is dated 1942.
The document is posted on VIEWMATE, ID 79168.
From the Main VIEWMATE page, please select IMAGE GALLERY.
Since this is a recent entry it is found on the top few rows.
Click on the image and then ADD RESPONSE.
There is a Romanian stamp on this document, so initially I thought it was in Romanian.
I have since learned that the language is Moldovan and that Moldovia is sandwiched in between
Ukraine and Romania, so I've used various tags that may apply. There is no tag at this time for Moldova.
Thanks in advance for your assistance or direction on this document:
What type of document.
All parties named.
I tried google translate without luck. The type is not sufficiently clear for me to guess letters in a language I'm totally unfamiliar with.
Whatever light you can shed on this is appreciated very much.
(FIszenfeld is one of my prime family names)
Thank you much.
Nomi Fiszenfeld Waksberg

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