Selling of Ukrainian Jewish Cemeteries and Mass Graves - Updated #ukraine

Tony Hausner

Yesterday I posted the following: I have been informed by folks in Ukraine that the Parliamnet has just approved the following. To sell the land on which Jewish cemeteries and the mass grave massacre sites are located.  At the following link are 3 files: 1) a letter shared with me, 2) a posting on facebook, and 3) U.S. PUBLIC LAW 113–154—passed in AUG. 8, 2014 that might be relevant.

I would appreciate any advice and assistance on this. 

I have since added additional files to the above folder:
I am still awaiting more definitive information on the actions that the Ukranian Parliament and the President have taken.  If any of you have documents or newspaper articles on this issue, that would be appreciated.  

Several of you have contacted me and I appreciate that help.   

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Tony Hausner

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