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Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Peter,

below please find the translation of the death certificate of Johanna Kaul, nee Zoellner.

May I ask to continue using the fantastic ViewMate-tool for such questions, as it is far easier to discuss or correct translations of documents there. Also, it is possible to upload documents in good quality - I couldn't enlarge the posted document but found it on Ancestry.

Regards from Germany, Corinna

Record book C (second copy of book A, the original)

Nr. 194
Berlin, January 1883

The following person, legitimized by the (medical) death-certificate, appeared today in front of the registrar
Julius Kaul, merchant
residing in Berlin-Prenzlauer Stern 31, and reported that

Johanna Kaul, nee Zoellner seventy-eight years old, of Jewish faith,
residing in Berlin, with him,
born in Posen, was married to the merchant Elias Kaul, deceased there,

Daughter of merchant Leib Levi Zoellner and his wife Lea nee Seelig, both deceased in Posen.
Passed away in Berlin - Prenzlauer Stern 31 at his home
on January the 29th in 1883 in the morning at 11 o'clock

Read, approved and signed
The Registrar [signature of registrar]

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