Scanning Documents and Photos - personal preferences #general

Dahn Cukier

Hi, I am writing how I handle scans of documents and photos.

Scanner - I use  3-in-1 with 9600x9600 scanner connected to a Windows PC.
Storage - I have 2 external disks of 1 terra each for backups

Preparation, format the disks (not quick), this will require a long time, but if
the format does not complete in 24 hours, the device is probably not working

Scanner: I use software that permits scanning in various formats, I use PDF for
multipage documents and JPG for photos. I may use PNG in the future, but haven't
decided yet.

Scan at the highest resolution even though it will require a longer time. I have photos
that were scanned at default resolution and many faces cannot be identified when cropped.
The person can be identified, but if I want to crop the face, it is a blur.

My scanner is a Canon and I use Canon IJ scan utility.

I use IRFANVIEW software (Windows only), a free software to edit the photos and
edit the EXIF data, EXIF is data embedded in the photo. The software
has many options and can also move/copy photos to various folders/directories.

If there is writing on the back of a photo, I scan that also and rename the photo
the same as the face+"back" (the back of img0001.jpg is img0001back.jpg).

Documents I scan in PDF format and if multipage  I scan the document as a
multipage document. I scanned each of my passports to one file each.
Since the genealogy software I use (Brother's Keeper) can link with  many
documents, I scan everything - birth certificates, military records, school
records, etc. the future generations may find something of interest..

Crop and edit: I suggest copy the original file and work on the copied

-------------- Just something I added but is not publicly available.
Sorting  the photos. I began in 1990's and then there were very few apps
to organize photos. I have seen various apps on other computers when the
owner wants to send me a collection, but cannot find the photos. I find
them using CMD and then export the photos. Many apps I have seen
index the photo, but requires upkeep. I wrote my own using an external index file
that can be easily edited and photos can be placed in more than one
"album". Since I do not do maintain software and wrote it for myself in
REXX/Regina (Windows), I am willing to send the collection of
programs to anyone, but with very very limited documentation.

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