Validation of death date of Dachau prisoner #holocaust #rabbinic

Moses Jefferson

I’m researching a Great-Grandfather Rabbi Josef Heimlich from Miskolc, who was killed by the Nazis during the war. What bothers me is that I’ve come across conflicting sources of his death date. The exact is really important for our family so we can properly honour his Yahrzeit.

What I’ve learned from the JGen Holocaust database:
- Prisoner #112375 arrived in Dachau 29 Sep 1944 from Auschwitz 
- He died (probably in Dachau) 28 Dec 1944

What I’ve learned from an inmates who survived the war:
- He was deported on Rosh Hashana (Sep 1944) from Auschwitz
- During the winter of 1944 he was in SS-Arbeitslager-Kaufbeuren (a Dachau sub-camp) 
- He died there on 25 Dec 1944 and was buried in a mass-grave at a nearby forest (it exist today)

Now my questions are;
a) does it make sense that the death was recorded in Dachau given the fact he died elsewhere
b) can I trust the survivors word and consider the German record an error?
c) could it be just a typo on the indexed database on JGen?
And finally is there any way I can view the original record? The JGen reference number is ‘2096/Gl.’, does anyone know what this means?

Best, Moses

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