Re: Selling of Ukrainian Jewish Cemeteries and Mass Graves - Updated #ukraine

L Goldstein


It is beyond distressing to learn that Ukraine wants to sell not only cemeteries but also massacre sites.  I looked at some of the files you attached and found it to be overwhelming, I could not read more than a little bit without getting lost. Is there a summary document? Is there something someone like myself, just an average person with family members in a massacre site, could do?  Someone to whom to write?  

Thanks for your concern about this.
Louise Goldstein

Researching GOLDSTEIN/GOLDSZTERN, BRANDT, WOLOCH, HERSZENFELD (Terespol, Piszczac, Poland; Brest, Belarus); RONEN (Kiyev, Fastov, Ukraine; Lyoev, Belarus); LOPUSHANSKIY; ROZENZUMEN/BEN-DOV (Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland; Israel); BATTALEN, POPKOV (Voronezh, Russia); CHALEWSKY/CHALLOV (Krive Ozero, Ukraine).

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