moderated Re: "Unorthodox" - 2015 film about a college year spent in Israel and another, 2020 a wife, 19, flees to Berlin from Satmar Williamsburg #israel #germany #usa

Elissa Mondschein

When the book was released there was a wholesale assault (not physical!) on her by the Hassidic community.  The book is accurate according to her recollections, meaning it is an autobiography rather than a biography or history.  The community complains that some things could not have happened the way she writes them because of a historical time line, for example,  when certain buildings were constructed.  These types of memory re-arrangements are common in autobiographies, they are fabrications.  There were small changes, more for clarity, but they were not "lies" as the Hasidic community trolls stated.  For example, in the book she mentions that she watched the film, "Trembling Before G-d" and that she saw her mother in the film.  In fact, her mother, who has since come out as a lesbian, is interviewed in the in the extra reel.  I am guessing she changed this, as the "truth" would be needlessly clumsy to explain, and also some people were left out of the story (her younger sister) for privacy reasons. Fredel is correct, the scenes of her life in the community were as portrayed in the book, her live in Berlin are fictional.  Her mom lives in the US and is a science teacher, I believe.

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