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I am looking for information on the children of Josef and Felicia HAASE.

Son Peter Joachim was born on 3 August 1922 in Frankfurt. Peter had to do forced labour at the Jüdisches Forsteinsatzlager Schönfelde (Jewish forest work camp) in Brandenburg. On 1 November 1941, he was deported to the Lodz ghetto and from there on 8 April 1942 to a forced labour camp in Posen (Poznan). His fate is uncertain: some documents say he was drowned on the way to Palestine when the refugee ship was sunk by the British. Perhaps he had been liberated and had tried to reach Israel on an illegal immigrant ship. If Peter was able to get to Israel, he may have descendants.

Daughter Ruth was born on 20 June 1915 in Fulda. Ruth may have married someone with surname SCHWERINER and immigrated to Brazil. She is thought to have died in Sao Paulo in 1937. I cannot find Brazilian documents that confirm this. I cannot find a record in Brazil or in Germany to confirm the marriage.

If anyone knows what happened to Peter Joachim and to Ruth, please contact me.

Thank you, Carol
Carol Jean Weightman <c.j.weightman@...>

Are you able to extract any more information from what you have ?

I have looked through a large Israel database and cannot identify the names / facts you give

Aming much else  has a lot of people wirthe the HAASE surname - it is in Hebrew.  Peter is not, of course a Hebrew name not is

As for immigrant ships which were lost there were:

Nov 1940 3 large immigrant ships caught : Milos, Pacific and Atlantic with 3500 immigrants from Germany Austria and Czechoslovakia.  1800 transferred to the Patria in Haifa Harbour to be sent to Mauritius.   Hagana decided to prevent sailing but ignorance caused a disaster: 216 drowned

Dec 1940 "Salvador" sunk in the Dardanels with 352 Bulgarians. 239 drowned of them 66 children

1943  "Lili" was sunk by a British submarine close to Acre ( Akko) The PalYam crew downed

1944 A ship named Mafkura  sailed from Romania and was torpedoed by a submarine in the Black Sea.  390 drowned, only 5 rescued

3 further ships  Gyppo, Rim and Panc'o sunk - the people were rescued and imprisoned in British camps in the British Colonies

26 Nov 1946 the ship Ra'fi'ach ( formerly the Athina, built in 1893) was sunk,  8 immigrants drowned in the Island of Sirina,  785 passengers from Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria were saved and imprisoned in Cyprus

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