Re: Re: Seeking Morris KIRSCHNER (landed in the US under the name Morris DRESSLER) in 1907 from Buczacz, Galicia, Austria. #galicia #usa

Mark Halpern

The area around Buczacz during World War I was a battlefield for Russian and Austrian troops. Buczacz suffered more than most towns. During 1917, the fighting destroyed the Buczacz civil records office. No Jewish vital records from before late 1917 (deaths) or 1918 (births and marriages) have survived. 

What did Jews do for vital records that were needed to prove births or marriages that occurred before 1917? At the subject's request, the Buczacz town administration re-created the birth or marriage information based on witnessed statements. These re-created records have been indexed by JRI-Poland and are searchable in the online database. Unfortunately, there were no such records for Morris or his parents. 

Mark Halpern


On 2020-04-04 1:19 pm, bseide@... wrote:

Looking to uncover information on my grandfather, Morris Kirschner (landed in the US under the name Morris Dressler) in 1907 from Buczacz, Galicia, Austria.  Parents names were Isador Kirschner and Broni Dressler.

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