Brickwall for my Great Grandfather Simon David #galicia


Good day to my fellow Jewishgenners (in isolation).

I am a longtime JewishGen member, but a first time poster.

I have hit this brickwall many times and my expectations are set fairly low on results.

The help I seek is for my, Great Grandfather, Simon David. I have his death certificate. The certificate identifies his parents as Joshua (Osias) David and his mother as Brana Bernice David (born Rigger Riegra).

From his manifest, I am confident Simon and my great grandmother were Galician. The only confusing part was a man who entered the US before Simon who gave his name in reverse, a David Simon (DS). This wrong person has created confusion for Ancestry Hints. My Heritage seems to not regard DS as does FindMyPast.

The manifests I use for Simon David line up with all of his Censuses in the US. They are his Border Crossing from Canada into the US in St. Albans. Arrival Jan 4, 1900. Shipname, Lake Superior. Residency, Austria and overwritten Galicia, not Gworin. The prior page confirms line 17 as his Galicia. Also the relative meeting him there is his brother in law. Herman Goldstein who married Etel (Ettie David).

His wife, my great grandmother is identified from Wiznitz. Miriam (Marjein) Yetta David.

His cousins and other relatives all come from Solotwina, Bursztyn, Wiznitz and possibly Bohorodchany.

Thank you for any help you can offer. I am mainly looking for where in Galicia, what Town and to go further back.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay inside.

Researching: David (Dawid), Feuer, Yasner, Polsky, Sheinhorn and Glasser

Also researching on mothers side: Bender, Burstein and Wolf

Sincerely, Julien David


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