Re: Overdose of quinine #general #holocaust

Jill Whitehead

According to today's UK Guardian newpaper in an article by Laura Spinney, quinine was much in use during the 1918 flu epidemic "even though there was no evidence it worked for flu" and "doctors often overprescribed it causing side effects." She quotes Mark Honingsbaums' new book on the 1918 flu epidemic that "Londoners refused to be fobbed off with advice to gargle witht saltwater, and they besieged doctors' surgeries demanding quinine". 

One of my relations was a medic in WW1, but came back from the war to die of Spanish Flu in 1919. Another relation was put in an asylum after suffering post natal depression and died of Spanish Flu there in 1919.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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