Seeking a book by Gabriela Mistral #germany #france #holocaust

Kira Dolcimascolo

Hello, I hope you are all in good health.
i have a research request regarding the Chilean poet and diplomat Gabriela MistraI. I am seeking to access a book of her letters due to the Covid virus closing libraries. The letters include requests for assistance  from Jews attempting to flee Europe. 
I am seeing a copy a few pages Mistral’s Antología Mayor (1992)- One of  4 volumes (Cartas). I am seeking two pages from this book about a member of my family, Elly LEON, whose mother Gertrud, a German Jew,  sought help for her daughter to flee the holocaust while Mistral was a diplomat in Nice, France. Elly LEON was a Turkish-German Jew living in Berlin.
If you or others can send me images from “Cartas”, it would be so appreciated. 
Kind Regards from Baltimore,

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