ViewMate Translation Request - German. For Chany Hass birth Record #galicia

Alan Seid


I would really appreciate a word for word German to English translation
for the highlighted row. The image is a birth record for Chany Hass
born 20 Mar 1892 in Nadworna.

I've posted the image on ViewMate at the following address
Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

I can read the following:
Column 6: Father's name is Leib Hafs. Place name Nadworna.
Column 7: Mother's name is Scheindel Kriege. Mother's parents names
are Meier Josef & Chany Kriegel. Place name Bohorodczany.

I also have a question. It looks like Leib Hass's name is spelled Hafs.
Anyone know why that is?

Thank you

Alan Seid

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