KLUGER in Myslenice #galicia

Mark Tritsch


I'm researching the KLUGER family in Munich and have a lead to
Myslenice in Galicia:

Jakob Wolf Kluger, born 30.11.1873 in Mislenice, Galicia, died
16.06.1939 in Munich. His parents were Osias Kluger and Rachel
Kluger nee Scharf. His wife was Berta nee Zinner.

I do have adequate information about the family and their fate in Munich,
but I need to follow the track in Myslenice, where I have a blank so far.
Can anyone offer advice or help? Myslenice is not in JRI-Poland, it was a
small community, only officially existing after the 1870s, so its records
were kept elsewhere. Where?

Kluger descent is reported to be >from Rabbi Shlomo Kluger of Brody
(1783-1869). Osias and Rachel are probably the Yeshaya Kluger and
Rachel Miriam Scharf (granddaughter of Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Scharf)
found in a publicly available table of descendents of Rabbi Scharf

Greetings to all,

Mark Tritsch
Ulm in Germany

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