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I am searching for my grandmother's grave I only know she died in
October 1974, probably in the Bronx. I have been told she is buried in
Southern NJ, but that may be a reference to south of NYC.

QUESTION: Is there a complete list of Jewish cemeteries located
in New Jersey?


The IAJGS did a comprehensive listing

but it is long and sorted by town. 

If she was buried in New Jersey it could well be because she was part of a burial society that had its plot in New Jersey.  I ran into a similar situation a few months back when I was tracing someone and it turned out there was a Bronx Ladies Auxiliary that had a plot in a smaller cemetery in New Jersey.

Is she buried do you think with your grandfather?  Sometimes following other family members gets you to the right grave.

I believe under the NYC privacy laws you are entitled to a copy of your grandmother's death certificate.  It will have to wait till the current public health crisis is under control but then you can try ordering a copy of her death certificate as it should show the details on her burial.

Otherwise try the databases such as JOWBR on JewishGen, FindaGrave, BillionsGraves, etc. in hopes one of them captured the details.  I assume you already checked the newspapers to see if the family placed a death notice.

Funeral homes some times have the records but 1974 could be a challenge to find the funeral home to begin with.

Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas.

Allan Jordan

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