Gundersheim #germany


Hello. I am looking for help finding info on David Gundersheim. The info I have is sparse. He died in 1828 possibly in Romsthal/Eckradroth I have burial info for the cemetery and he is not on it. He possibly was married to Hanche (Chai) Ochs or Orb.... I realize this is poor information. I cannot read German (I use translator) and I know name adoption makes things tricky. 

He had 2 sons

Salomon Gundersheim (1808-1856)

Lob Gundersheim (1811-1834)

I apologize for disturbing you but I would like to find more info and connect Gundersheim with Gundersheimers of Mittleson, Germany. Advice is welcomed. I hope you are healthy and safe. Best wishes, Adam Gundersheim

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