Think of the list like Jeopardy #guidelines

A. E. Jordan

Start with your question or goal or write your posting in the form of a question please.
Might not translate to our international subscribers but everyone in the USA will know what I mean when I say think of this like an answer on Jeopardy (it's a game show on TV where you have to answer in the form of a question).
Start with your question or a simple declaration of what you need before you start telling all the background.
I need to find the grave of Joseph Bauman ... he died in January 1962 in Brooklyn NY ...... now I will tell you everything I have done, his life history, his mother's recipe for matzo brei and more ... it's clear and simple and if I have pertinent information about searching for a grave I know the who, the what and the when and can contribute.  If I start by telling you when he came, where he came, his distant relatives, his wife, the marriage, etc. etc. etc. you never get to all I need is the man's grave.
I don't know about everyone else here but when I am busy I only read the first sentence to see if I can contribute.  If I don't see the question or goal immediately it is not clear if I have the pertinent experience and I am sorry to say it I hit delete most days.
So please on behalf of all of the posters / readers / contributors before you hit send make sure you start you message with your goal or your question and then give us the background.  Try it ... you might be surprised how many more pertinent responses you will get.
Thank you
Allan Jordan

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