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Ooh, I can help with this one!

Having grown up in an observant Yekkish home, the word "Schnoder" was part of my (well, actually, my father's) vocabulary.

He would refer to a person having "Schnodered" a certain sum of money, and he had one of his many little money envelopes labelled "Schnoder-Gelt":  money that he had set aside for when he had to "Schnoder".

When men are called up to the Torah and say blessings before and after a portion of the Torah is read, this is followed by a blessing for the person, in which his name is included and he is blessed because he took part in the Torah reading.  This blessing includes an optional addition in which this person can pledge a donation to the synagogue.  The phraseology for this section is, "... ba'avur she'nodar ... ", which translates to "because he pledged [followed either by a specific sum or by "a gift" if he wants the amount to remain unannounced].  The words "he pledged" are "SHENODAR".  The money thus pledged was called his "Shenodar Gelt" or, said quickly, "Schnodergelt".

As to the Hebrew on top of the page:

"Eylu sheymos" (these are the names)

"Anshei HaKohol L"P [lePoh] sheAlu"  [the people from here who went up]

"LaTorah:"  (to the Torah:)

Have a wonderful and healthy Pesach!
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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