Seeking Morris SKLANSKREY- Russia to USA 1900 #usa #russia


I did not know how to title this.  So here goes.  My great grandfather is Morris Sklansky.  He and 3 of his 4 children came from Russia in 1900.  We have no idea when the forth child came since he is not in the 1910 Census.  Some between then an 1920 he came to the U.S. By 1920 he started a beverage company in Kalamazoo.  It is still in the family.  The family lived lived for some time in New York but at some point they moved to Chicago as by that time my Grandfather was married and they had their first child in 1914.  By coincidence there was another Morris Sklansky living blocks away from my Great Grandfather in New York.  This Morris was apparently a widower and was 40 years old, about the same age as my great grandfather. He was living with the rest of his family.  My great grandmother's maiden name was Celia Moise.  There is some confusion as to who was the father of her son Isadore Sklansky. I have looked it up in other places that his father was Abraham Sklansky.  I am not quite sure how that worked out.  I know for sure we are related, although we have never taken a blood test. But I know my father spend a summer in Kalamazoo and lived with his Uncle, wife and daughter   I know there are some Sklansky's registered here.  What I would like to know is if any one knows about the Morris Sklansky and his family. If he has any descendants.  There is one more Morris Sklansky who was professor at Northwestern.  I did correspond with his daughter at one time and her brother.  I am pretty sure that they are not related to the Morris that is not my grandfather.  I would like to know if there are any Moises that could be related to Ceila.  I do have two family trees.  But some of the Sklansky's don't seem to be related.  This does seem pretty confusing.

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