Re: Seeking SLONIMSKYSlM / Aronovsky #names

Marilyn Weinman

-- Hi Rochelle,

 I saw your post,and I'm looking for my maternal grandfather who was Max Aronovsky on his Declaration of Intention,but Max Aronowitz on his draft card. He was born in Konigsberg,Germany,which is now Kaliningrad,Russia supposedly on October 1,1876, but I also have several other dates which he claimed as his birthday ! He changed his last name to Arnold when he entered the U.S. emigrating from Montreal into Niagara Falls on June 12,1907.
I have very little information about him, other than a few documents that I've found,and I don't know if he had siblings or not !

Not sure I'm of any help,but maybe there's a connection somewhere :) Looking forward to hearing from you.

Be well and Stay Healthy 

Marilyn Weinman

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