Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust

Moses Jefferson

Hi folks, I’ve been digging into my family roots and happened to stumble upon a piece of (likely) valuable information.

I discovered in a post-war form (attached below) that my grandmother owned property of “43 Joch Ackerfeld und weise” (probably a measurement of land) at an estimated worth of K.c 200,000.

In the form she indicated that it’s an inheritance, so this would mean that it was hers by all legal means. The location in given to a town Mihalani CSR, which I cannot possibly seem to find.

My questions are:
a) do you know where this town would be nowadays?
b) is it or can it be reclaimed by any legal means?

I’d like to hear from similar cases and how they’ve ended successfully.

Best, Moses

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