Seeking a research maven who can find an arrival record #latvia #usa


One of the long unsolved puzzles has been finding the arrival records of Julius Gerber.

He was born Israel Getzel Gerber in Riga Latvia December 24, 1871    {after his arrival, he was thereafter always known as Julius Gerber} {I do have a copy of his birth record}

He arrived in the USA approximately September 1887 at the age of circa 16 years.

He was a trained tinsmith or sheet metal worker.

The assumption is, he arrived in New York where he made his home variously in NYC/Manhatten, New Jersey, and Brooklyn.

He was not married when he arrived as far as we know.   He later married in 1892 in Manhatten to Lena Schacht.

I've checked every seemingly possible port where he might have arrived.  I have used various spellings and wild cards, but no luck.

Perhaps someone here will be able to find his arrival record, which would be beyond amazing.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to take a look around for him.


Joe Glass

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